Who's Frederick Penn?

Have you ever met Mother Theresa, Chris Rock and Dr. Phil all in one person? Then you haven't met the Godfather of Self Esteem and Published Author, Frederick Penn, Executive Director and Founder of ISEE, the Institute For Self-Esteem & Evaluation, Inc. http://www.iseeinc.org and President and Founder of the former Learn*Learn*Learn Education Corp.  Look for Frederick Penn's new book on Amazon.com, "111 Wonderful Ways To Build Children's Self Esteem & Confidence Everyday".

Frederick Penn, the outspoken, controversial and passionate innovator of academic and business excellence has been a loving and aggressive supporter of urban America. He is an uncompromising promoter for developing confident and smart adults and children. Often misconstrued and misquoted, his frank comments about urban America have been upsetting to some and a blessing to others. Since 1989, he has been candid with his comments about academics, small businesses and social problems in the inner city.

Frederick said, "Change is not comfortable. Its usually upsetting and challenging. When an adult becomes a parent or business owner, they must learn to change their thinking, lifestyle and behavior. To many of our parents are unaware of how to capture their childrens mind." 

Frederick said, public schools in urban neighborhoods are failing, because the parents arent preparing their children to be educated. You change the schools, by changing the child that you send to the schools. If parents want good schools they must learn how to prepare their children to be taught. A teacher can't teach an unprepared child. Change the parenting, and the school must change.

Founder and President Frederick Penn has an impressive combination of comprehensive professional training and extensive practical experience in the self-esteem and learning fields. His areas of expertise extend to self-awareness, transformation counselor and leadership trainer, as well.

The multi-faceted Mr. Penn attacks the fundamental causes of poor self-imagery that result in ineffective behavior patterns and reduced potential to achieve and succeed in school, in business and in life. Through behavior patterns and reduced potential to achieve and succeed in life. With his transformational self-esteem training courses and learning programs, Mr. Penn has dramatically reversed the insidious thought process in adults, parents and young people. He has thereby lifted our children out of the educational waste bin of low achievement.

With a thorough background in transformational self-esteem training, learning techniques, self-motivation, interpersonal communications, Mr. Penn has reached thousands through his learning series, training courses and lectures.

Since the introduction of the former Learn*Learn*Learn Ed. Corp. in 1989 and the Institute for Self Esteem & Evaluation (ISEE), Inc. in 1994, his learning programs, training courses, and workshops have been purchased by professional athletes, TV & radio celebrities, corporate executives, small business owners, churches, hundreds of day care centers, public schools, privately funded programs and families.

Mr. Penn has presented his system of learning and self-esteem to youngsters in Maximum Security Detention Centers, on probation and before young men and women in alcohol and drug abuse prevention programs.

He has appeared numerous times as a guest speaker on radio and television programs and he produced a Television program "Your Child Has Genius Potential" that highlights his self-esteem courses and learning curriculum.

It is easy to see why President William Clinton and Hillary Clinton invited him "THREE TIMES" to the White House to attend their Conference on Early Childhood Development and Learning.

Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly and Mayor Marion Barry appointed him a member of the District of Columbia Commission for National and Community Service.

The Board of Education of Montgomery County, MD. appointed him to the Advisory Committee on Minority Student Education.

The California Legislature Assembly awarded him a Certificate of Recognition for Entrepreneurial Excellence for his outstanding work with the adults, children and businesses in California.

Frederick Penn produced his own radio show on WOL-Radio called Understanding Your Potential and has received in 1988 The Business and Professional Trendsetter Award.

In spite of awards and media exposure, Mr. Penn never loses sight of his mission to build self-esteem and to instill literacy skills in children, young people, business owners and adults as a crucial first step toward positioning them to succeed in school, life and business.

To make his programs available to all adults and youngsters, he recently launched the ISEE Scholarship Fund. The scholarships are targeted at African-American students who have the potential to improve their scholastic performance but whose families cannot pay the program cost or course tuition.

Frederick Penn has International Clients using his programs in:
• Ontario, Canada
• Scunthorpe, United Kingdom
• Mumbai, India
• Latrobe, Australia
• Giza, Egypt
• Toolangi, Australia
• Kamloops, Canada
• Pretoria, South Africa
• Scarborough, Canada
• Shanghai, China

Some of Frederick's Celebrity Clients and Friends:

President William Clinton and Hillary Clinton
President and First Lady invited Frederick Penn to the White House for their Reception and Conference on Early Childhood Learning and Development. This was the first of three  invitations.

Barbara Lee
Member of the California State Legislature presented Frederick Penn and Learn*Learn*Learn Education Co. The California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition in honor of his Entrepreneurial Spirit and commitment to the Minority community of California.

Darrell Green
Washington Football Team All-star defensive back's Ms. Debra Knight, Director of his Youth Life Foundation and Center, has used his self esteem series and Learn*Learn*Learn Series and has nothing but praise for Frederick's work.

Coach Johnny Roland
Former halfback and Running Back Coach for the Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears. Johnny had some serious questions and concerns about his coaching ability. He was the Running Back Coach for Walter Payton who was recognized as one of the greatest running backs in the history of professional football. Johnny's question to Frederick Penn was How do I coach Superman?

Joseph "Joe" Morgan
World Series Champion, Most Valuable Player Winner and Hall Of Fame Inductee wanted to become a baseball sportscaster, but at the time lacked the self-confidence to do it. Joe Morgan was so impressed with Fredericks skills and abilities to transform peoples attitudes: he gave a personal recommendation to his friend Cincinnati Reds Willie McGee to hire Frederick as his Self-Esteem Coach.

Willie McGee
Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player retained Frederick to work with him one on one to transform his speaking skills and self-doubt to self-confidence and improve his self-expression skills on and off the field.

Coach Carter
High School Basketball Coach Ken Carter in Richmond, CA. listened and learned unique and effective self esteem skills, self-motivation and leaderships skills from in depth conversations with Frederick. Ken Carter has a Paramount Pictures and MTV Films produced the popular "Coach Carter" movie on his life that aired in theaters on January 14, 2005. Coach Ken Carter continues to consult with Frederick Penn.

Sharon Pratt Kelly
Former Mayor of Washington, D.C. appointed Frederick Penn a member of the District of Columbia Commission for National and Community Service.

Marion Barry
Mayor Marion Barry recognized Frederick's work and extended his Commission for National and Community Service for another year.

Ana Sol Guitierrez
President of the Board of Education of Montgomery County appointed Frederick Penn to the Advisory Committee on Minority Student Education for Montgomery County Public Schools.

Rev. Willie Wilson and Mrs. Mary Wilson
Pastor and wife of the Union Temple Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. Mrs. Mary Wilson invested in the Learn*Learn*Learn Series for her children and is enjoying great success.

Linda Moody
Past President of the District of Columbia School Board has used the Self Esteem and Learn*Learn*Learn Series with her grandchild.

Following is a list of some of Frederick Penn's satisfied client organizations:

Maryland and Washington, D.C.:

  • Montgomery County Public Schools
  • Montgomery County Head Start Program
  • Montgomery County Black Child Development Institute, Inc.
  • Rockville Housing Authority
  • Oak Hill Maximum Security Detention Center
  • District of Columbia Public Schools
  • District of Columbia Housing Authority
  • Washington, D.C.--United Planning Organization
  • City of Baltimore Head Start Program
  • Prince George's County Association Of Family Day Care Providers
  • Woodbourne Children's Diagnostic Treatment Center
  • Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, D.C.
  • Prince George^s County Public Schools


  • United States Navy Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Program


  • San Francisco Youth Guidance Center
  • City of Berkeley Head Start Program
  • Alameda County Head Start Program
  • City of Oakland Head Start Program
  • Catholic Schools Diocese of Oakland
  • City of San Francisco Head Start Program
  • City and County of San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department
  • Oakland Unified School District
  • Oakland Association Of Family Day Care Providers
  • Oakland Youth Corporation
  • Association of Family Day Care Providers
  • Youth At Risk Program for the cities of Oakland and San Francisco