First, I want everyone to know that I Love the Sprit and the People of ISEE, Inc.

Before ISEE, I prayed to my GOD to guide me in the right direction all the time.  My prayers were answered six months ago when my wonderful cousin Kimberly Gordon, thanks Kimberly, introduced me to the Institute for Self-Esteem and Evaluation.  

Ever since I became an active member, my life has blossomed.  In the beginning, I was apprehensive, because of my negative conditioning.

When I first attended ISEE, I had never heard so many adults speaking with such positive and dynamic attitudes to each other.

I knew then that I wanted to join, so I kept showing up. The positive attitudes and speaking became contagious to me.  It was time for my life’s journey to transform in a way I never anticipated. 

This is my chance to learn how to have Self Worth, Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Self Assurance that I lacked. 

Instead of thinking that I can just quit my way through life, I chose to grow, and now I am watching my life evolve higher than I ever imagined.  

The investment in myself has made me more successful in my career, my relationships with my daughters and financial responsibilities. 

My outlook on life is very clear, focused and promising.  I approach each and everyday with poise and determination. 

I know now.  I know myself now.  I know others now.

Thank you, Frederick Penn and the ISEE, Inc. Family

I Love you,
Conya A. Jones

MY attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards ME. ---Conya Jones


Thank You To the Institute for Self Esteem & Evaluation (ISEE) inc.

Blessings & Power,

My name is Perri McDowell-Demps. I live in the beautiful city of West Palm Beach, FL.

I want you to know my interesting story on how I became a member of ISEE inc.

I was reading news articles on www.blacknews.com, when I saw an article from ISEE giving “props” to the actress Ms. Lynn Whitfield.

I clicked on the web site www.iseeinc.org and my transformation began that day.

Mr. Frederick Penn the Executive Director of ISEE gave me a call.

I knew that I found something that was special when the Executive Director of a national and international organization would take the time to call me.

I started talking about all the things that aren't being done in the African American Community, how things didn’t seem fair and how many problems folks were having in my community.

After I finished all my negatives about what was wrong and I didn’t have a solution, Mr. Penn asked what about you Perri?

You know I got quiet and my brain started going, what does he mean?   What about me?

I was lost for words and that’s pretty hard for me to be speechless.

In all my years, I hadn’t thought about me, I didn’t think I had the right to think about me being a positive agent for change.

My transformation started that very second. I didn’t have an answer for Mr. Penn and I really didn’t want to look at myself.

I stepped outside of my box and I joined ISEE paying all my dues for 1 year. That was in December 2005 and I can say that was money well spent.

ISEE has weekly calls and I’ve met some of the most positive and powerful people in my life. I’ve seen pictures of some of our members and heard their voices.  They make me feel like Thomas the Train, I can do it, I can do it.

I didn’t realize the negative energy that surrounded me for so many years.

I thought I had self-esteem, but I didn’t know the true meaning of self-esteem success that ISEE, Inc. teaches.

I really thought that self-esteem was outside of me and the way I carried myself in public, making sure I dressed properly, doing the hairdresser thing and making sure I fit in with everyone.

I’ve always had a fun loving personality, but I had plenty of negative issues.

I wouldn’t step outside my comfort box. I would stay within the lines of being average and ordinary. 

I would dream and wish without taking any action.

I’ve learned so much about my ego, my stepping out on faith without second-guessing myself.

I’ve learned how to speak positive words about myself and if situations arise I’ve learned to deal with them, in a positive proactive manner.

I know longer look at my community like it’s a problem, but I’ve learned to ask questions and seek truthful answers.

I’ve written and sent proactive letters to make changes where I live since 2005 and I’m placing things that are important to me on my Urgent Demand List.

I’ve started working on opening my own business called PMD Resources.  Since I’m asked at least 3 times a week how can I find out information on different products, schools, social security needs.  I write letters assisting those that need to find out the information.  My company only takes written requests from the public.

My biggest goal that I’m working on is opening with my friend a Free Clinic in Riviera Beach, Florida. In the clinic that‘s where I will step in with the Intergenerational Senior/Youth Mentoring and Resource Center.

We have a building that will house the clinic.  My plans are drawn and the inspections have started. I will do my outsourcing, until we locate another building in the City of Riviera Beach.  We need 8,000 sq feet for the clinic and the center.

If I hadn’t been a member of ISEE, I would still be dreaming and not stepping outside of my negative comfort box.

I would still wish and make up any reason and excuse not to succeed and take action. Believe me, I can come up with some good excuses not too accomplish my dreams.

What's the biggest reward for me for being a member of ISEE? 

I have realized that I have no limits in life.

God has no limits, so I have to stretch myself as high as I can go.  I am out of the negative box and I am sharing my joy and my freedom with everyone.  I knew that I could it.  ISEE has shown me how.

I’m still working on some things that’s challenging and I can’t wish anymore that my circle of friends here in Florida would participate in my project with me. I have to make this happen. I know that I’m the only person that can make it happen and the support from the other ISEE members will make this business transaction simple without a flaw.

I had some negative things that happened in my life, and before ISEE I would use those negative things as excuses to keep me from doing what my heart desired.

A lot has happened since 2005, it’s like a distant memory and I know how much I’m blessed.

I’m so grateful that Mr. Penn didn’t make up reasons and excuses not to use his God given powers to reach out and share this wonderful transformational self-esteem success information with me.

Thank You God for ISEE Inc and much love to you Mr. Penn

Perri Demps a proud ISEE Inc. Member


Dear ISEE Members and Friends,

Where would I be, if I had ISEE in my life 41 years ago? 

This is the question that I ask myself. 

The great thing is I have ISEE NOW.  That is why I am so thankful.

I have been blessed with the opportunity of being an ISEE member since spring 2005.

I was introduced to ISEE through my daughter, Natasha Latson, a participant in the “Character Building Training” program offered by Frederick Penn.  As I attended each session with Natasha, I learned a life-changing lesson. 

I learned that my child is a reflection of me and as I was looking in the mirror I noted that I needed to make a shift in who I am being.  This valuable lesson brought about a conscious decision that I wanted to transform my life, so that I would know whom my child would become. 

I thank Frederick for awakening me to my life, so that I can now know what it means to be ALIVE.  ISEE has been instrumental in teaching me to be in the Now, that is where I find all my blessings.  This approach to life was never shown to me and just to be able to recognize this absolute fact has made a tremendous impact on my life. 

I thank God for the vision that has been given to Frederick Penn and his Hardcore Positive energy that created an environment where people in Urban America can all be winners and succeed. 

Before ISEE I would have never fathom that people like me could come together and everyone is a winner.  Just being in this positive environment continues to build my High Self Esteem.   

It allows me to get out of my comfort zone, stretch myself, and know that I no longer have to go along to get along and still be loved.  I can now be free to express who Tanya is and not feel pressured anymore to conform to what I believed others wanted me to be. 

I have learned that it is okay to express who I am and what I want for my life and know I can have what I want for my life.  This knowing is so out of the box that I become mesmerized at times wondering if I have gone to HEAVEN!  And through ISEE’s teachings, I now know that GOD is within me, which makes my HEAVEN right here, right now. 

I am so elated to be a member of an organization that teaches new and exciting things that build my self-esteem and strengthens me as a woman, a wife and a mother.   I am showing up in my life and participating, where before I did not know how.  I am removing many layers of my old negative conditioning and replacing it with hardcore positive conditioning. 

Again, I appreciate all my ISEE family for providing a safe place to develop Transformational Self Esteem Success, which is led by a dynamic visionary named Frederick Penn. 

Thank GOD for ISEE and providing me an opportunity to wake up to live a powerful life.


Tanya J. Latson

What does ISEE mean to Kimberly Gordon!

As an infant, girl, teenager, woman, mother, and wife I was forced to live a life of constant fighting, fighting because I wanted more out of life and I knew life was outside of me. I fought every positive thing and every negative thing which only fueled the negative things. 

My light in my life was fading slowing, I was living a life external to me as if I was not an active participant, everything that went wrong, and I would fight to make people believe that I had no part in the negative instances in my life.

When I first joined ISEE as a member I was familiar with popular spiritual people, authors, millionaires and motivational speakers such as Deepak Chopra, Les Brown, Ona Brown, Jim Vance, Oprah Winfrey, Iyanla Vanzant, and Joyce Meyer and their teachings. 

Oh – I was doing the right things but I was not able to BE the right things for me.  Feeling the feelings of being 100 % within myself which is God and intuition

The training I am receiving from Frederick Penn and ISEE has opened my world to being spiritual because I am learning how I can remove years of negative conditioning and how I can replace the negative with positive conditioning in life, one breakthrough at a time.

Negative conditioning was keeping me from transforming and being the person I dreamed.  I now know that God is within me and not separate from me.

What ISEE embodies to me is an organization of people who loves WINNING and people who want to live life and not is be a passive participant about their life. People who thrive on success by removing the negative conditioning and replacing it with positive conditioning. 

YES, I love positive conditioning! The fantastic thing is that I know that I am powerful and my power is with me 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and 60 minutes each hour.

With the direct coaching that I receive from Frederick Penn and the support of my ISEE family I continue to have breakthroughs. What is a breakthrough?  A breakthrough is when you become aware of a negative action and then you replace it with a positive action! And at first the positive action is foreign to you and may feel like running away however by staying with the positive action you end up breaking through the negative to the positive on a new level.

Now, I am accountable for myself and I am loving and I am free and I am positive and I show alacrity in the most simplest pleasures such as watching the water in a stream or watching my children learn, or laughing at a story that I hear. 

ISEE is teaching me to love me and by loving me completely and I am available love to my family and others. 

Tell me you are being FANTASTIC, and tell me again. 

When I look up BEING FANTASTIC, I see myself!

Thank you ISEE, Inc. and Frederick Penn for teaching me to BE!

Kimberly Gordon


Grace N Peace - Blessing and Power

In the short time that I joined ISEE, INC.

ISEE has been a blessing, It is a Spiritual Enrichment.


ISEE is helping me also with my spiritual journey as well.


ISEE is like being in Bible School all over again, but this time for myself.

Thank you ISEE for being a coach through out my process.


Marcee M. Roberts


Blessings and Power and I love Frederick,
Thank you ISEE, Inc.

I often reflect on the day that I discovered the ISEE, Inc web site.

I remember thinking that this organization would be good for my son.

I was a new mom and I sought positive resources to support me in my vision for my life. I am grateful for the day that I learned that ISEE, Inc was for me, my son’s first teacher.
It’s been almost two years and I see and feel the difference ISEE, Inc and its
members have made in the quality of my life.

I am more confident and I am better able to understand myself and my God.

ISEE, Inc provides the tools for me to take responsibility for my thoughts and my habits. 

I am totally responsible for my life and my happiness.

My awareness of not only the world but myself is incredible.

My level of communication has improved and so has my relationship with

Instead of making assumptions, I’ve gained the self esteem success to seek
knowledge and ask questions and it makes a difference in my life as well as my
ISEE, Inc is a place to acquire knowledge and it’s a place to use the tools that
I’m learning. It’s empowering, it’s encouraging, its eye opening, it’s
challenging, and it is different.

Through the coaching and support of this organization, I am being my whole self.

I am able to focus more on what’s important, exert my personal power and also be more accepting of my truth and
expressing my truth. 

I’m no longer waiting for life to happen. I am being an active participant in it. I love it.
Thanks again



ISEE has meant a transformation of choices in my life and how they make the difference in whether I want to be transformed or remain the same. It has brought to my remembrance the famous quote that says a mind is a terrible thing to waste and unfortunately I have learned in this workshop that I had been wasting my powerful mind.

I have learned how to turn negative thinking into positive thinking by adding a simple word, and after each negative thought. The workshop has been an opportunity of a lifetime for me to get in touch with my inner self and examinethe stuff I dont need. I compare my experience here at the workshop to the experience of accepting Christ in my life, and that isonce you attend this workshop..like experiencing Christ in your lifeyour life will never be the same.

It has been proven to be so very true, all in less than30 days less than 30 days! In 30 days or less, I have become so alive inside or as we say here turned on. Im more aware of myself, my thoughts, my actions and the energy and excitement I can hardly contain my emotions. This experience of this check-up-from-the-neck-up is like no physical examination ever given to me by any medical physician.

I have been enlighten for the first time in my life (or I should say that I remember) through the reading of Think and Grow Rich, A Black Choice that if I use my imagination, stay focused, have faith, determination and desires that there is nothing I can not achieve. Yes, I grew up hearing that, but I never really applied it to anything besides things that I could have -- not a way of life! Most of my life I have just been doing and having. This book clearly has let me know that I must have dreams, visions, a purpose, and a mission in life and follow through with all these with persistence until you have the ultimate, happiness!

I learned that I as a female am one powerful sister, no one ever told me that! That was powerful I never knew I was so powerful. I have learned that Gods creation of me has given me all the visible and invisible domains that make me whole and alive and most of all happy, Ive just got to know how to use what I have to what I want. I always thought it took another person to makeme happy! I never looked inside deeply enough to figure out that I was my own key to happiness.

I have identified within myself that I do have a true love and that is the desire to feel good about myself and like what I see each and every day when I look in the mirror.

The energy Ive received from this workshop has me on my way towards a vision, and that is the determination that I can be successful at weight loss. In 30 days I have lost more weight than I have over a year. Ive stopped focusing on all the failures and negative stuff in my life and have transformed my thoughts into energy and determination. I always thought I was a happy-go-lucky person and not until this workshop did I learn that I was just acting happy. In this workshop we call it the act. If you attend this workshop, youll find out there is a big difference between the two. Not that anything was wrong with acting happy, but when the act came to a complete halt I did not know how to be happy. I felt like I had lost all my spirit.

This group..what cant I say about them. I want to thank them for their support, encouragement and love because we all came here for the same purpose. To be transformed. I hope our friendships, like this workshop will be a lasting one as we all continue this transformation.

I'll close now by doing what I do every night as I go to bed and that is to give thanks. I give thanks today for the wonderful man whose voice I heard on the radio the morning I was on my way to work. The voice that said if you are listening to this program right now, you are listening for a reason. I truly believe God sends us what we need when we need it and I was at a point in my life where I had a great need. The sound in his voice that day caught my attention like nothing else Id heard in awhile.

When I arrived at work I called and I was introduced to the man, Mr. Frederick Penn. I immediately made an appointment to attend the one-hour free session. It did not take me long after meeting Mr. Penn that I knew I needed this workshop.

Mr. Frederick Penn, is truly a man sent by a "higher being" to help those like myself who need to understand their minds, hearts and souls and to find their purpose in life. I am so grateful to Mr. Penn for this crusade, his vision and purpose that he is living out his being in life. I want to publicly thank him from the bottom of my heart.

It is very difficult to sum into words how much you have changed my life and as the class knows I enjoy singing ---- no Im not going to sing, but the love of music always is in my heart and thoughts. The one song that I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Penn is TO SIR WITH LOVE.

How do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume. It isn't easy, but I hope I've tried.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Jackie Solomon


Blessings & Power and I love you Frederick,

ISEE totally took me by surprise.  I was not expecting nor ready for all that ISEE entailed. 

ISEE has opened up my eyes to explore the truth about myself. 

Although at times, I don't want to acknowledge the truth due to my conditioning and acceptance of the lies that I have convinced myself of and the lies that others have told me. 

ISEE has given me the courage to exude my greatness, live with purpose and keep a positive and open mind amongst other things. 

I have experienced things and have been asked questions that I have never had to internalize before. 

One of the things that I love about ISEE is that this is not a group where you can hide out and not be seen. 

Everybody has room to shine and most importantly I am encouraged to have a voice that's heard.  I get out of ISEE, what I put in. 

I can go on all day about ISEE and how I feel, but that would not sum up all the joy I feel with the transformation of my life and my relationship with others. 

ISEE is definitely a supportive and positive reinforcement in my life.

Erika Monroe


ISEE has been a long time in coming. What I feel is difficult to express. ISEE has awakened in me the ability to think and reason differently and to handle everyday obstacles in such a way that they now have an ending. Before coming to ISEE I stayed in constant conflict with my inner person, always having self-doubt on the simplest of decisions. But now with this newfound awareness I am making positive transitions, which will not allow me to ever adopt my former life styles and habits.

I am sorting and rearranging all the negative things that have hung around in my life since childhood. With all the things Ive learned, letting go of so much necessary guilt or the brow beating of myself has been such a relief I am now experiencing.

Being in the BOX has for years been a fact which my ACT has covered very well. Living the ACT has caused many opportunities to past me by.

Now, as I make these positive transitions, Ill be better able to help my children in positive not negative ways. Using positive encouragement daily to bring my children to the goals I have for them. Helping them to be grounded and to reach out beyond the BOX before its even established so that they will not live the ACT as I did for so many years. Doing this will make me happy.

I am grateful for having been given means to know and understand the origin of why I thought the way I did and how this affected me. I am determined I will be successful and so will my children. I am grateful to know I can reach for what I want and not be afraid of failure. Because I'll always have and other positive thought to counteract it.

Carmencita Jones

What Has ISEE Meant To William Strickland

I was a candle and ISEE was the match. I wanted to improve myself and spend less time on improving my circumstances. Once the match lit the candle, this empowering program laid down the foundation that I needed in order to go outside of the box that I created in my life and see other things that have been missing, whether or not these things were physical or mental.

Since, my mind guides my every move as I progress through life, I have begun the journey of mastering my mind and taking control of my life. In the past, I concentrated on improving my worldly position and did not concentrate on my spiritual being. Now with newly found courage and a greater since of well-being, I am walking and talking with vigor and praising myself and GOD for my existence. I now realize that I can only achieve my goals by uplifting my thoughts.

I am conquering doubt and fear so that I may move into the arena of success. I am no longer afraid to express my views nor make a decision. What I have to do is important and with my head held up high I will project and speak with confidence. Moreover, unimportant matters are completely outside of me and I will not be anxious nor will I waste energy on them.

I am now living a more balanced and simple life, which is leading to better spiritual growth. I have a choice for my life and I choose to live vivaciously. No more suffocating. My possibilities are ageless and I am pregnant with new forms of possibilities. I am experiencing growth and maturation.

Thanks for opening up my eyes and mind. I love the energy that this marvelous program has provided to my spirit. I have shared and will continue to share with other people my experience with ISEE.

I truly love being an African-American Male.

Thank you,

William Strickland

What Has ISEE Meant To Shondalyn Moore-Thompson

ISEE has given me a new perspective in the way I see my family, my people and myself. ISEE opens up new ideas about yourself that you have not looked at or maybe had not wanted to look at, but you know it is the only way that you can grow and be the person you want to be.

I now see possibilities that were at times I thought there were none. It has given me a chance to see some of my strength where I thought none existed. I now have a new found quest to be everything I can be and guidance to push negative thoughts aside when I feel that I cant continue or want to ignore those feelings or thoughts.

Since Mr. Penn posed this questioned, I thought about what could I possibly say in words that others could understand. This workshop is something that I have been searching for so long. It shows-up in all of the motivational and inspirational books on my bookshelf. The books were not enough for me to change my life.

What I needed was the support of others that were on the journey as I. I know that God brought Mr. Penn and my newfound friends for a reason in my life. My road to growth and change will continue due to it.

Shodalyn L. Moore-Thompson

What Has ISEE Meant To Mamie Goodwin

ISEE has provided me the forum to discuss and to identify the issues/problems I was experiencing in my life.

I must set my goals in life so that I will have direction and not just moving/existing from day today at the whim of others that may not have any direction either, but are very vocal. I now have the tools and have started the process of recognizing what I want to HAVE and WHO I must be to Do the things to get what I want to HAVE.  

The process makes you focus on WHAT you DO and not what someone else did to you. DO NOT BLAME OTHERS FOR YOUR SHORT COMINGS. I must take responsibility and control for my actions and definitely my wants.

I must be the person I can live with daily and not be ashamed in the eyes of the LORD.

The HOME partners offered support and other views I might not have considered, but most of a listening ear.

Lastly, do not give up even if it means starting over and over again until you get it right.

I thank you Mr. Penn for providing the course for awareness.

Mamie Goodwin


I would like to tell people that ISEE is for people who seriously want transformation in their lives. It is not just some workshop to take for the sake of it. I would also tell them that its a must if you want to succeed. If you dont want to be mediocre anymore and want success.

What I would like to share with people about my experience, feelings/emotions and thoughts:

Experience: When I made up my mind to take this workshop, I decided I wanted to go all the way. I am starting to think things out more clearly than I did before I started the class. I tried to be happy, but because I have been stuck in this so long of just surviving, Ive forgotten how to be happy. Im still working on that. Still in the learning process and have no intention on quitting.

Feelings/Emotions: Im excited about the end result if I continued to practice what Ive learned in this workshop. Im hot looking at where I am now, but where I was when I started and where I will be as I continue to practice what Ive learned in this workshop.

Thoughts: I would share with them the source of all wealth and that is the power of our own thoughts. The mind is never idle. I know Im always thinking. But in the past my thinking has been negative, but since starting the workshop, that is changing since I now know I have the ability to change my own thoughts.

First of all, if I had not taken this workshop, I would not be able to stand here in front of all of you this evening. This workshop has caused me to take a good look at myself. At first, I was a little hesitant about taking the workshop because I did not want to deal with all my negative stuff. But, in order to change, and be transformed, I realized I had to deal with me.

I was ready to break out and break free of limiting thoughts; change the way I felt about myself, the way I related to others and most of all, find out what I ready wanted to do with my life. Im clearer in my mind now than I have ever been about what I want to do and what I need to get done and that is focused on my purpose for being here.

ISEE brought about a lot of challenges and fears for me. One of the areas in my life that I struggled with so much was procrastination and the excuses why I procrastinated. By taking this workshop, I now make an extra effort to get a project finished even when I dont physically feel like it of dont want to. My excuses are getting fewer and fewer.

ISEE reinforced some things I knew, but was not practicing them. The power of the spoken word and my thoughts is a very important issue to me right now. I do a lot of thinking and sometimes what I am thinking is not always the most positive things to think about.

Ive learned immediately to switch those negative thoughts to positive ones. And by having the home support group. We are always encouraging one another as far as the negative thoughts that may come out of our mouths. By changing the quality of my thinking, I am now going to change my world, and I will be making a positive impact of those that are around me.

The ISEE creation process made the greatest impact on my life. Im what you would call the typical USA model, just like the majority of us.  I go to work (on a job I dont like) so I have things, drive a nice a car, have a nice place to live and other pleasures in life. I was so busy doing, so I could have, and I was not being. A human being, being what, a human being doing what and a human being having what I was only surviving and that is not what I want.

After going through the creation process, I am beginning to focus more on the invisible instead of the visible. That is powerful! I am more focused on what I love, my dream, my vision and most of all my purpose. Im also focusing more on my commitment, my mission, my crusade and my intention which is all part of the ISEE creation process. I have a determination now to be my purpose by making some major changes in my life so I can experience that peace and happiness that God intended for me.

ISEE has meant life changing for me!

Brenda R. Windley

What ISEE Means To Anthony A. 

When we were requested by our spiritual mentor, Mr. Penn to talk about our experience after having gone through this program, I thought that hey, I might just want to get up and say what was on my mind, but, I realized that it would not be feasible because, my thoughts would not be as coherent as I, Anthony would want.

I have learned many things after having been through this program. But more important I have learned to just be me. That simply phrase. Being just me. Me, Anthony A. 

Time was when I acted; I hide behind my act. Time was when fear was a part of me, now I see nothing in the horizon but the fortitude of me being my true self and me not putting on an act. For I now know, that an act does nothing for me but instill fear, inadequacy and inferiority.

Each time I feel afraid, each time I think of myself as less then or not at the level of, I am living out William Lynch's tale. I dont want to be part of that. I can see. I know, I will work at being a better me. Loving myself more.

Making love to myself each and every moment of every second of the day. I, Anthony love me. I will love me even better as time goes on. I have a long way to go; but as Oprah Winfrey says, power is strength over time. And this brother is going to make sure he has strength.

This is the best $320.00 I have ever spent. And I would like very much to thank Mr. Penn for his fortitude in bringing forth his philosophy in how to better serve his people.

Self-esteem has no color, but those with color suffer the most, knowing or unknowingly. For as Blacks, we live in a society where by not fully knowing who we are, we set ourselves up to fall for anything. And we most often do fall for the unfortunate things. The journey ahead is long, but then again, a journey starts off with steps.

God bless and I love you all.

Anthony A. 

What Has ISEE Meant To Brenda Strickland

I've ponder over what Ive learned during the ISEE workshop and Ive come to see this as a great learning experience which Ive come in touch with myself and my family. I am extremely happy with the getting to know my new friends from the course. I will do all I can to keep in touch and continue the friendship that has been obtained.

With any thing in life for me this course has been an awakening to my self-containment. Over the past few years, Ive found several ways to take my internal feeling and shield them from family and myself. It is not always good to be the strong one or the one to pretend to have all the answers. Its good at times to admit that I dont know or need help.

I would like to take this time to thank each one of my classmates for encouraging me to be expressive and to share. I will leave this program with the ability to fully use all the training that I have received over the years. I will take with me not only the knowledge that I am a good person, by ever since of the word. I am unique and fully able to obtain and maintain whatever I set forth to achieve.

To my husband, my classmates and Mr. Penn, I will leave each of you with this thought, I am extremely happy that the course has given me this opportunity to express myself.

Brenda Strickland

What Has ISEE Meant to Aaron Footman lll

ISEE has been an experience that has assisted me in realizing my full potential. ISEE has been a Soul Exlax. I am a strong individual by birthright. Nothing usually gets under my skin. I dont usually subscribe to a life adjustment cleansing experience. Rather I have never been expose to life adjustment work.

I have learned that the truth is simple. Anything outside of the truth is an act and a lie. But, most importantly, how my views and experience will sometime prevent me from seeing the forest for the trees in life.

The ISEE sessions are excellent, however, two nights a week isnt nearly enough time to season this Negro! Next session, add another day.

Thank you,

Aaron Footman lll 

What Does ISEE Mean To Nancy Jean Moore

One morning in October, I was driving along I-495 listening to my radio when I heard Winston Channey of WYCB radio station conducting an interview with Fred Penn of the Institute for Self Esteem & Evaluation Inc. The discussion was around people with negative thoughts, habits and low self-esteem. I thought this topic was something worth learning more about, so I wrote down the telephone number and called ISEE.

Mr. Penn interviewed me and he told me in essence, that he could change my way of thinking from negative to positive. After listening to him I felt wow! If he changed my life in 30-days that would really be something.

When I met Mr. Penn, he projected the attitude of a true winner, which led me to believe that he could help me and teach me something worth learning. He has been able to transform a person that for more than 25 years doubted herself to the degree that although material accomplishments were achieved my ego was low and my self-esteem felt as if it had never been born.

Mr. Penn has integrity, which is necessary for individuals to feel that they can believe in him, confide in him. His positive attitude is consistent with his transformation process and motivated teaching. He has helped me to identify the person that I WILL BECOME! Frederick Penns personal magnetism is extremely instrumental in helping students achieve their goals.

I recognized that by the grace of GOD, the time had approached to transform myself. I was determined to do something to change my negative attitude. By enrolling in ISEE, I took the initiative to remove the negative barriers around me so that I might accomplish my goals.

ISEE has taught me to be a positive thinker, to love myself, to realize my dreams and to fulfill my destiny. ISEE has also taught me how to control my mind and not let my mind or my emotions control me. I now think about what I say and do before I act or react to a situation. I am now more aware of my reactions to other people and events in my life. I realize that my personality or attitude can be my greatest strength or weakness. Positive thinking will attract positive results.

It is a comfort to know that whatever happens in my life, I am likely to rebound with renewed determination and will continue to pursue my goals. I realize that fear and confidence are learned.

ISEE has brought many positive changes to my life such as working with people of various backgrounds and at all levels and not allowing negative comments to control me. In accordance with the ISEE teaching, I have a new attitude; I am getting rid of negativity, fear and self-doubt.


I highly recommend ISEE to anyone that has low self-esteem, negative outlook on their life and anyone that is in need of an attitude adjustment.

I am Blessed, Thank you,

Nancy Jean Moore

What Has ISEE Meant To James Davis

When I first came to ISEE, I was hoping for a quick fix on making changes in my life. I thought that if I told you what was wrong, you would have the answer for the problem and solve it on the spot.

Over the past thirty days, I found it will take some time and hard work to get my mind where I want it to be. I have listed the sessions that helped me the most.

ISEE gave me an inside look on how I am being viewed by others and how others view me.

ISEE also reminded me of what I knew some time ago, but I am not using.

ISEE gave me the structure I need to perform, if I am going to be successful.

James Davis

What Has ISEE Meant To Darrick Johnson

ISEE has become a part of me. It has helped me in my development towards becoming the person I always knew I was, but was having difficulty being.

ISEE installed the confidence and faith needed in order to achieve. I came to realize the value in first loving myself and being able to truly love others.

ISEE has helped me to understand self-love. Now, Im able to see and feel the love and positive energy that flows through me. Love comes back to me by others. For my newly developed ability that ISEE has helped me realize and see. Im thankful. Not only for ISEE, but for a man called Frederick Penn, who saw the need for ISEE and took action.

I learned that I am a very powerful and unique individual who needs not to apologize for who I am. I am happy with who I am. I love who I am and this program has really enlightened me in my quest towards reaching my purpose.

Ive also learned to appreciate the uniqueness of others. Not being too quick to judge others. Ive learned the power of my mind. Being able when Im down and feeling overwhelmed with negativity, sorrow, pain, agitation, what have you, to lift myself up and take the necessary steps towards achieving whatever needs to be done. To either make the situation right or just make myself feel better about me. Ive learned to take action on my visions and ideas.

Choosing ISEE has been the missing ingredient in my life .

Im closing, I look forward to continuing my growth with ISEE.

The spirit of God is in me and I cant be destroyed, so I fear not.

Darrick Johnson

What Has ISEE Meant To Patricia J. Chappell

ISEE has meant many things to me. Entering ISEE has afforded me a disciplined opportunity to search deeply within and to get in touch with WHO Patty really is and how I interact with others.

What I realized is that I am essentially a nurturing and caring person. Ready to give, YET often afraid to receive. ISEE has helped me to realize that I too have needs and wants. I want to be loved and affirmed. ISEE has helped me to begin to be content with myself and begin to express my needs.

The people in the class have been supportive, challenging and affirming and helping me to realize, but more importantly, VERBALIZE my need to be loved and to receive from others. I realize that for a good part of my adolescence and predominately into my adulthood, my ACT has been that of nurturer and giver. I now realize how critical it is for me to express what I wish and need. My major fears of holding back, being overly concerned and protective of others feelings, because I did not want to feel rejection in what I have begun to face and will work on.

Having had the opportunity to have spent a month with four unique and beautiful individuals has meant more than words can describe. They have been extremely life giving to me. Your questions, humor, earthiness, challenges and thought provoking reflections continue to remain essential to me in my quest of WHO AM I BEING. May this circle of friendship remain unbroken!

Essentially, the ISEE has helped me to review, get in touch with those feelings, thoughts and behavior patterns which have hindered my personal happiness and well being. I do value myself as a human being and intellectually realize that I need to love me. I am moving to internalizing this self-love, self-affirmation and actualizing my self-power. ISEE has been a lifeline as I say YES to my lifes journey.

Thank You, Frederick, Brenda, James, Mamie and Anthony for your assistance in my personal growth and development.

Submitted By:

Patricia J. Chappell

What Has ISEE Meant To Stacia Sass

One of the most interesting and rewarding things to learn about myself is that I still have dreams and desires. This is significant to me because due to a number of different circumstances, I had stopped allowing myself to dream and set goals for the things I desired. I pretty much thought I had allowed this part of me to die.

Participating at ISEE has forced me to take the time to look very deeply within. As a result, I found that although they may be buried, my dreams are very much alive. Its almost like having a pot of soup thats been sitting dormant for a while and all the ingredients have settled to the bottom. Looking at it, no one really knows what kind of soup it is or what it consists of. ISEE is like a big spoon stirring the pot and bringing all those ingredients from the bottom to the surface in plain view.

Another thing Ive learned is the concept of having an act. I find this very interesting because I never gave this whole idea much consideration before now. I dont know that I have completely identified all of my acts but ISEE has made me become more conscious of what maybe my act(s) as well as those of others.

My experience at ISEE has been very enlightening. Ive always said that the most fascinating person you can get to know is yourself. Being forced to look within, has been somewhat of a challenge, mainly because Im in the habit of being focused on others. Looking within has at times also been a little fearful and painful, however, I feel the effort is worth the rewards of doing so.

I have really enjoyed reading the book Think and Grow Rich-A Black Choice. The concepts and instructions provided seem very attainable to do and practical to apply. I really am turned on about the potential that applying these principals can achieve in my life.

Also, I find the instructor, Mr. Penn to be very fascinating. Its interesting how he has a way of almost seeing right through you. I am impressed about the dedication, commitment and genuine appreciation he seems to have for his history and his people. I enjoy anyone who stimulates and challenges me mentally and that is exactly what he does with full force.

Since registering at ISEE, what I have learned about myself is how powerful my mind is and what it will do to survive. I learned why I created strangers to protect myself in order to survive. I also know how fear relates to my way of thinking.

What I will like to tell people is to focus on the topic that they are discussing and relax and be honest and Frederick Penn will do the rest. At this time, I find it hard to talk about my experience and my thoughts I have about ISEE.


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