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“A Mother’s Power” National Teleseminar/Workshop  

Frederick Penn, a published author of the new book "111 Wonderful Ways To Build Children's Self Esteem & Confidence Everyday" and transformational self-esteem expert, teaches mothers how to develop & speak self-esteem to their children. This form of self-esteem training has never been presented or offered.

According to self-esteem expert Frederick Penn, from age’s birth to 18, mothers are unaware of their GOD given skills and ability to influence, empower and change the life of their children.

"Crime in the cities, poor grades, violence in public schools and lack of adult responsibility can change," Penn says.
The Institute for Self Esteem & Evaluation (ISEE), Inc. teaches mothers a life changing method to develop the self-esteem, positive behavior and constructive habits for their children, spouse and friends. 

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“A Mother’s Power” National Teleseminar

What Are Your Answers To The Following Questions?

Do you know how to build your child’s self-esteem?  Do you know for sure?

Do you know how to build your child’s confidence?  Do you know for sure?

Do you know if you’re building or destroying your child’s self-esteem and confidence?

Do you want your child to have a “YES I CAN” attitude?

Do you want your child to know when to “SAY NO” and why they need to say it?

Do you want your child to have self-confidence to excel in school and life? 

Too many mothers are unaware of the huge emotional impact and developmental responsibility of the words they speak to and about their children.
Penn teaches mothers two important transformational self esteem skills that he says all mothers should understand, develop and speak in order to raise confident children:
1.  Mothers will learn how to be self-confident, self-reliant and how to speak from their positive GOD given spirit.
2.  Mothers will learn how to communicate and instill self-confidence, self-reliance and positive  power in their children, spouse and friends.
"Our mothers will begin with themselves first, because you can't give away something you don't have and teach something you don't know," he says.
Frederick Penn is a published author of a new book, “111 Wonderful Ways To Build Children’s Self Esteem & Confidence Everyday”. 

Our new book for parents, children and teachers is given to each participant attending the national teleseminar/workshop.   
Frederick teaches a series of what is called "life changing workshops" called “A Mother's Power” to women's groups, kindergarten - high school parents, corporations, church organizations and male & female inmates in jail and prison.
The ISEE, Inc. self-esteem series has never been presented or made available to urban America.
Penn has produced his own radio shows on WOL-AM in Washington, DC & Maryland, has newspaper articles written about his work, appeared on the TV News Channel 8 and has been heard on over 100 radio talk shows.
Penn’s work has been recognized by State's Attorney Glenn Ivey. 
He has received community service awards from Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson.
He was invited three times to the White House by President William & Hillary Clinton.
He was presented the California Legislature's Assembly Certificate of Recognition for outstanding work with the state's parents. 
"A MOTHER'S POWER" Teleseminar gives you the first 3 months of ISEE Membership.

 MOTHERS, you will learn how to build self-esteem and confidence in your child and family. 

 Call Frederick Penn to answer all your questions.



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What is the Human Being Love Organization?
A national, international and interracial organization where being a loving human being is your only qualification to be included.

Our First Five Celebrations of HBL


1.         HBL is a joyful organization that celebrates being unlimited, uninfluenced and uncontrolled by some one’s color, race, gender, age, nationality and religion.
2.         HBL understands and is aware of the negative conditioning, programming and brainwashing of racial and gender stereotypes that adults and parents impose on themselves, each other and children.
3.         HBL will not give attention to the endless negative thoughts, actions and behaviors of others.
4.         HBL will give attention to the unconditional love, happiness and freedom that each human being is born with.
5.         HBL celebrates and honors with loving respect each human being with the same love that everyone, regardless of color, race, gender, age, nationality and religion are born with.
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